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Understanding Electrical Hazards in Homes
Understanding Electrical Hazards in Homes
Oct 14,2023

Understanding Electrical Hazards in Homes

Our homes are filled with countless electrical devices and systems that make our lives comfortable and convenient. Electricity is a powerful and indispensable force, yet it can also pose significant dangers if we underestimate or overlook the potential hazards. While electrocutions and electrical fires are widely recognized risks, there are several lesser-known electrical hazards in our homes that homeowners often fail to identify. In this brief article brought to you by Mr. Electric, we shed light on some of these threats.

If you ever need reliable electrical repair service, then call Mr. Electric to hire a uniformed and certified electrician. We are happy to schedule an appointment or arrange an urgent dispatch for as soon as possible.

Aging Wiring

Suppose you have an older home with original wiring from several decades ago. Over time, the insulation on these wires has worn down, leaving bare wires exposed within the walls. This could potentially lead to an electrical fire or malfunction, which could be catastrophic.

Electrical aren’t reserved for home purchases only! Have your home's wiring periodically inspected by a qualified electrician. They can identify any outdated or damaged wiring and recommend necessary upgrades or repairs to ensure the safety of your electrical system.

Overloaded Circuits

In our tech-savvy age, we rely on a multitude of electrical devices. In fact, many homeowners have high-energy appliances, such as a microwave, toaster, and coffee maker, all connected to the same kitchen circuit. Over time, the wiring within the walls becomes dangerously hot, posing a significant fire risk.

Distribute your appliances across various circuits and avoid connecting too many devices to a single outlet. If you experience recurrent issues with overloaded circuits, consult an electrician to assess and potentially upgrade your electrical panel.

Overreliance on Extension Cords

Many homeowners rely on extension cords as permanent solutions rather than temporary ones. This can result in tripping hazards, overheating, and potential fire risks. We see it often: a computer, printer, desk lamp, and charging station all connected through a series of daisy-chained extension cords. Over time, the extension cords become frayed and damaged, increasing the risk of a fire.

Limit the use of extension cords to temporary needs and invest in high-quality, heavy-duty cords for added safety. For permanent solutions, consult an electrician to install additional outlets where necessary.

Outdated Outlets and Switches

Outlets and switches are essential components of any electrical system, but they can wear out over time – leading to loose connections, frayed wires, and potential electrical shock or fire hazards. Regularly inspect all outlets and switches in your home. If you notice damage or signs of wear, replace them promptly with new, up-to-date alternatives.

Consult with a Certified Electrician

If you are concerned about your electrical system, then call Mr. Electric to consult with a certified electrician. Here are some warning flags that warrant a call to Mr. Electric:

  • Outlets and switches that are HOT to the touch.
  • Lights flickering or power going out when you plug something in.
  • Exposed electrical wiring.
  • Smell of smoke or burning within the outlets, walls, or electrical panel.
  • Water has come in contact with outlets, switches, or electrical wiring.

The professionals at Mr. Electric are always happy to address your questions and concerns. Our courteous representatives are ready to take your call today.

Don’t wait until the damage is done though. Be proactive and schedule routine electrical maintenance if you want to avoid electrical issues in the first place.

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