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The Importance of a Circuit Breaker Repair
The Importance of a Circuit Breaker Repair
Sep 17,2023

The Importance of a Circuit Breaker Repair

Circuit breakers are crucial components of any electrical system, serving as the first line of defense against electrical overloads, short circuits, and fires. However, like all mechanical and electrical equipment, circuit breakers are vulnerable to malfunctions or deterioration over time. In this brief article brought to you by Mr. Electric, we’ll dive a little into how circuit breakers work – and common causes of problems. We’ll also share some tips on maintenance as well as some signs that your circuit breaker may need repair.

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How Circuit Breakers Work

Electricity travels from the power plant all the way to individual homes and businesses, stepping down in voltage along the way. Right after it passes through an electric meter, the electricity enters your home's main service panel or electrical panel. The electrical panel, or circuit breaker box, distributes that electricity to the many electrical circuits and their respective loads, or electrical devices.

Circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical circuits from excessive current, and they have three key components: the contacts, trip mechanism, and an arc extinguishing system.

Inside the circuit breaker, there are contacts that are normally closed, allowing electricity to flow uninterrupted. When the trip mechanism detects unusual or excessive electricity, the contacts open, interrupting the flow of electricity. As the contacts open, an electric arc is generated and the extinguishing mechanism smothers it to prevent damage and fire hazards.

The Consequences of Faulty or Damaged Electrical Panels

A faulty or damaged electrical panel can cause power outages and inadequate electrical distribution. Severe cases can lead to safety hazards, electrical issues, and potential damage to appliances and electronics.

A damaged panel, loose connections, or overloaded circuits can generate excessive heat, leading to electrical arcing, sparking, and eventually, a fire. Faulty panels can also expose occupants to electrical shock hazards, and they can result in fried appliances and electronics.

Common Causes of Circuit Breaker Malfunctions

Over time, the mechanical components wear of a circuit breaker will wear out, but overloading can speed up that process. When the connected load exceeds the breaker's rated capacity for too long, it can cause the contacts to deteriorate. Similarly, moisture can cause corrosion and damage to a circuit breaker's internal components. Even dust and contaminants can accumulate and affect the performance of the circuit breaker.

Incorrect installation or sizing of circuit breakers can also lead to malfunctions. Undersized breakers may trip frequently, while oversized breakers may not provide adequate protection. It's essential to have a certified electrician handle the circuit breaker installation. They can ensure the right circuit breaker and check for any manufacturing defects.

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