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Steps for Changing a Faulty Outlet Safely
Steps for Changing a Faulty Outlet Safely
Mar 28,2024

Steps for Changing a Faulty Outlet Safely

We depend on electrical outlets for access to electricity and power, but most property owners are unfamiliar with the intricacies of electrical outlets. In fact, many cannot identify common issues that indicate a faulty outlet.

In this brief article brought to you by Mr. Electric, we share some tell-tale signs of a malfunctioning or damaged electrical outlet. We’ll also share an elementary guide to safely changing a faulty electrical outlet.

If you’d rather leave the electrical outlet replacement to a professional, then call Mr. Electric and schedule an appointment with a certified electrician today. We can also arrange an urgent dispatch for emergency situations.

Identifying Signs of a Faulty Electrical Outlet

There are countless things that can go wrong with the electrical system, and being able to identify signs of trouble is crucial for prompt intervention. Here are some things to look out for:

  • If a particular outlet consistently causes circuit breakers to trip or fuses to blow, it could indicate an underlying issue such as overloading or a short circuit.
  • Burn marks, discoloration, or melted plastic around the outlet suggest overheating and potential fire hazards.
  • Outlets that feel loose, have cracked or broken faceplates, or show signs of wear and tear may indicate internal wiring problems or poor connections.
  • Sparking or arcing when plugging in or removing devices from an outlet is a clear indication of electrical issues that require immediate attention.
  • If an outlet intermittently supplies power, or if devices plugged into it experience flickering or loss of power, it could be due to loose connections or internal damage.

Faulty electrical outlets can lead to electrical fires, increased risk of electrical shocks, damage to connected devices and appliances, and extensive property damage. Address these warning signs as soon as possible. Call Mr. Electric for emergency electrical repair service at any time of the day.

Safely Changing a Faulty Electrical Outlet

Before starting any work, turn off power to the outlet at the circuit breaker to avoid electrical shocks. Use a voltage tester to confirm that the power is off. For extra protection against voltage and electric shock, wear rubber-insulated gloves.

With the power off, begin by unscrewing the faceplate and outlet from the wall using a screwdriver. Carefully disconnect the wires attached to the outlet. Check the condition of the wiring, ensuring there are no signs of damage or wear. Replace any damaged wires as needed.

Next, install a new outlet of the same type and rating as the old one. Connect the wires securely to the corresponding terminals (hot, neutral, ground) on the new outlet. Once the wiring is connected, carefully tuck the wires back into the electrical box and secure the outlet and faceplate to the wall using screws.

You can now turn the power back on at the circuit breaker and test the new outlet with a voltage tester or plug in a device to ensure it is functioning properly.

When to Hire a Certified Electrician

If you are unsure or uncomfortable with electrical work, it is always advisable to hire a certified electrician to ensure safety and compliance with electrical codes. Residents in the area can call Mr. Electric to schedule an appointment with a uniformed professional. Our electricians are also available to come out for emergency electrical repair service.

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