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How To Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat
How To Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat
Jun 25,2024

How To Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

What’s an electrician know about keeping cool? A lot, actually. With the summer heat ramping up, the professionals at Mr. Electric got together to jot down some suggestions. We’re here to help you prepare for the blistering temperatures.

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Insulate and ventilate well

First thing’s first: secure the cool. Proper insulation keeps cool air in and hot air out, reducing the load on your cooling system. Common areas to consider for insulation include the attic, walls, windows, and doors. Have your attic and wall insulation periodically inspected, and ensure that all windows and doors are properly sealed.

Ventilation is also important in the attic, where hot air rises and accumulates. Common solutions include ridge vents, soffit vents, and gable vents. As for the rest of the house, your HVAC system or exhaust fans will work wonders. Make sure they are well-maintained.

Install a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans don’t make a room colder, but they do make you feel a lot cooler thanks to the wind chill effect. We won’t get deep into the science of it, but fans essentially wick off the heat and sweat from our skin. In fact, they can make us feel several degrees cooler – allowing you to turn down the AC and save energy.

For optimal performance, choose Energy Star-rated models with appropriate blade size and pitch. Professional installation by a certified electrician ensures safety and proper support, and regular maintenance keeps fans efficient.

It’s important to note, however, that ceiling fans are less effective at high temperatures. In fact, fan use may cause your body to gain heat instead of lose it when temperatures are greater than 95 degrees.

Service your HVAC system

Servicing your air conditioner before summer will improve its efficiency and provide satisfying cooling. Cleaning or replacing dirty filters and coils allows for better airflow and heat exchange, making the AC work less to cool your home. Ensuring the refrigerant levels are correct also enhances the cooling capacity by preventing the system from overworking.

Regular maintenance also helps prevent unexpected breakdowns. Technicians can spot wear and tear on components like belts and motors, replacing them before they fail. This proactive approach not only avoids costly emergency repairs but also keeps your AC running smoothly during the hottest days.

The “bottom line” is that a well-maintained system uses less energy, resulting in lower electricity costs; and it lasts longer, protecting your investment. Additionally, clean filters improve indoor air quality by trapping pollutants, providing a healthier environment, especially for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

Need an electrician? Hire a uniformed and certified professional

If it’s your electrical system keeping you from a cool summer, then call Mr. Electric to request emergency electrical repair service today. Our certified electricians are on standby to take your call at any time of the day. We have you covered with everything from routine electrical maintenance to an electrical panel upgrade or larger electrical projects.

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How To Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

What’s an electrician know about keeping cool? A lot, actually. With the summer heat ramping up, the professionals at Mr. Electric got together to jot…

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