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Electrical Safety Tips for Kids
Electrical Safety Tips for Kids
Jul 01,2023

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Electricity no doubt plays a vital role in our modern lives, but it's essential to be aware of the associated risks and take necessary precautions, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of children. In this brief article, we share some common risks associated with electricity as well as safety measures that homeowners can take to make their homes safe for kids. If you ever need an emergency electrician to take care of technical work, then call Mr. Electric to schedule a flexible appointment, or to arrange a nearby electrician as soon as possible.

Electrical Shocks and Electrocution

The most obvious risk of electricity is an electrical shock! Appliances and even outlets are designed to protect us from the actual electrical current, but kids can push boundaries. Teach children not to touch electrical outlets or stick anything in them. It’s also wise to install tamper-resistant electrical outlets or install outlet covers to prevent young children from inserting objects into outlets in the first place.

Electrical Fires

Electrical malfunctions and faulty wiring can lead to fires. Regularly inspect your electrical system for exposed wires and have them repaired as soon as possible. Further, avoid overloading electrical outlets or electrical circuits. Finally, make sure to unplug unused electrical devices and appliances, such as space heaters and hair dryers.

Strangle- and Trip-Hazards

With so many electronics and appliances in the home, the floors can look like a tangled web of electrical cords. Loose or dangling electrical cords are trip hazards, and they can pose a strangulation risk for young children.
Secure cords with clips or fasteners, and avoid running electrical cords near cribs, play areas, or beds. Further, teach children not to play with or pull on electrical cords. You can even have an electrician install extra electrical outlets so as to do away with cord extensions.

Electricity and Water: A Recipe for Disaster

Water and electricity do NOT mix well. In order to prevent catastrophic accidents, keep electric devices and appliances away from water sources like sinks and bathtubs. Also make sure to install GFCI outlets in areas where water and electricity may come in contact, like the bathroom and kitchen. Test the GFCI outlets regularly and make it clear to kids that they should NEVER mix electricity, or electronics, and water.

Electricity Outdoors

Electrical risks are not limited to the home. Outdoor outlets, power lines, and utility poles are much more dangerous. Teach your children to steer clear of power lines and utility poles. They should avoid climbing trees that are near power lines, and they should keep flying objects like kites and balloons away from power lines.

Do Your Part, or Have an Electrician Help

As it goes, the responsibility to protect your children falls squarely on your shoulders. It’s important to teach kids about the dangers of electricity, but you should also create a safe environment. Some things to do include installing GFCI outlets, keeping cords orderly, and regularly inspecting electrical wiring for damage.
If you need an electrician to inspect your electrical system for risks and vulnerabilities, or to install new outlets or any type of electrical repair service needs, then call Mr. Electric to speak with a live member of our team today. We are happy to schedule a flexible appointment or arrange an urgent dispatch.

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